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Van is Ready
Upon your arrival,grab your luggage &  walk outside, driver has a sign with your name written on it !!!

Hello Amigos !!

Today we want to share some advice if you are coming by plane.

Welcome to Cancun & The Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Welcome to the Cancun international airport, Cancun is 16 kilometers or 10 miles south down town, and it has 4 terminals ( 4th is opening this Nov. 01.2017 ).



On Terminal 1, only arrives domestic fligths., Inside Only in México.

On Terminal 2, Domestic Flights and International airlines from USA, Europe, Central and South America.

On Terminal 3 and 4 , arrives from the USA and Europe…

But let start from the begining, let me explain a little precess very easy, Upon your arrival, inside the plane , crew will give you the immigration form document, , that you have to fill both sides, one per person, even families with babies, baby needs one, when get down of the plane, as any other airports in the world is forbidden film  video or pictures inside or immigration and customs areas, go with the immigration agent available and show the form , passport, remember, passport is an official ID document and it can not be dammage or expired, once you cleared immigration, you can go to the conveyors to pick up your luggage,when you think you saw your bag, be sure it is yours, check the ID tag, number, destiny and the main important think, YOUR NAME, many cases looks like others similars, when you get them, go with the Custom agent and push the light bottom, is it red, you should open your bags to check the contents, light green can continue, on the way you will see persons wearing blue or gray long pants and striped shirt, they sell turism information or time share,Hotel  rooms or accommodations, do not stop, keep walking outside…..

Vans always available
Dont make long lines waiting for a Cab



Now, finally, you are in Mexico,  andale andale !! You already have the transportation hired with us,


Arrivals, look for you driver or Rep
Al salir, abra muchos driver con letrero , alguno tiene su nombre


Our driver or Representaive has  a sign  with your name written on it.




Good Friend
Liz,Nick & doggy Ralf

He will take straight to your vehicle and have fun, Have a great Holiday and dont hesitate to contact us if you need more information, dial +52 1 (998)2409196 or visit the site…Gracias for your preference.  



Dear Visitor, We´are happy to answer questions and assist with all of your needs, It is very easy to book your transfers, just fill the form with all your Flight Details like airline, flight number and time to arrive and submit !!


If You need Car Seat or Boosters Seat , Let us Know !!

Beverage, Groseries / Pantry !

If you like special Beers , Let us Know !! we have all brands in Cancun, actually , we have all major Convience Stores like in the USA , actually if you go to any Hotel , Villa or Condo at the Riviera Maya, they dont sell alcohol in any store after 5pm on Saturdays and all Sundays

Stops on the Way !!

Some times you reserve a House,  condominium , Time Share Resort or any accommodatios and you need to stop on the way to buy groceries / pantry, that stop has and additional charge of 20 us  for 1 hour….Remember, No Alcohol afetr 5pm on Saturday and all sundays, If you arrive in those days let us know and we cant in Stop in Cancun, there is a super market   10 minutes away …

Don’t allow no one to help you with your luggage if you need airport assistance inside the airport , find security  guard – Federal police, or with our Rep or driver .




From USA
USA Clientes, smily & Happy Back Home

Come and enjoing our Mexican Hospitality !!

Cancun from the Air
16 Miles of White Sand Beach
Arrivals, look for you driver or Rep
Outside, one of them is your driver
German Clients
Sebastian´s Friend from Germany
Vehiculos en el Aeropuerto
Airport Parking
Lovely Staff
Suburban just wainting for you


 Mexican beautiful
Bachelorette party,
Family form Mexico
Rent a Bus 55 persons every year  traveled with us…


Here on Vacation  !!!

Cancun from the Air
16 Miles of White Sand Beaches

Thank you for contacting , Partner of Servans Travel & Transfers,

Since 1995

we are passionate about serving Turism, Airport Transfers & Tours, Weddings, Groups , Conventions & Incentives groups, we hope to serve you as you deserve with our Customer Experience Team !!!

Let us whisk you to your beach oasis so you can unwind and enjoy our tropical paradise.

Why us…

Because when you book with us, you are already part of our family, we must treat you and take care of you and your family as well as the most valuable treasure and be aware of everything you need, you must know how to move, know and what not to do, your safety and  your family is part of our responsibility, we will be available 24 hours every day of the week, whether this is your first time, the second or several times, we will always be there, customers and now great friends who frequent us can recommend us , we hope we can serve you and have a pleasant stay …


15 mils / 22 kms of White 1sand Beaches

Cancun has more than 150 hotels with 15 miles  / 22 km of  white sand beaches by the Hotel Zone, Condos,  Houses, Villas, Hostals, one of them is going to be your host , even can be in house with some family, like some digitals platforms sells accommodations,  Shopping Malls, Markets, night clubs by the hotel zone or dawn town and much more,  make your own selection or just ask us ,can be a good idea,email us, text message, we know all of them…….

Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya, 85 miles or 120 km, Amazing,  more than 50 thousands rooms, make your best selection , Condos in an exclusive and luxury area  or  Residence en Akumal , Villas en Puerto Morelos, there are many option for big families ,Weddings ans Social events,  Hotels and Resorts with more than 3000 rooms with Malls inside and Golf Court field , realy impresive,  texte and  ask us,  our 30 years experience  can help you to take a final decition …




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